I just realized that the ocean is a huge metaphor for life. Plenty of fish in the sea, but if you fall for one, its hard to find another exacty like it.



okay so both of us realize that we’re not posting.

we are literally so sorry.

most of you are like out of school and enjoying your summer but guess what…

we still have a week of school which sucks so yeah

we’ll definitely post more after the next dreadful week

luh ya 🙂


most people are not nice, they dont give , they only take for themselves.

In my lifetime Ive realized that most people dont try. they do the minimum, when they could do much more. they watch shows on people changing the world when they dont realize they, themselves, could change the world by doing something special

Let something move you

Thats how you change the world

Im aware

I know we have not been posting every day like I basically promised I would but volleyball and softball has been hard to handle along with battling to get homework turned in on time. Its been pretty rough I guess.

Im literally in study hall right now but the teacher is so blind he wont notice that im typing all of this so we good.

So back to the main thing. Can you guys tell us what you want from us, what you want to read from us. Thank you guys Love you lots


What to expect

Okay so we realize that right now nobody follows us or even reads our blog, but we’re hoping that in the future we can give you guys advice, tips, and just anything to help. We both know what we’re talking about, we’re both teenagers, so don’t tell us we know nothing. If anybody needs any advice or anything at this moment, we think you can comment somewhere…  We’ll try to post daily. xoxo G and K (Gossip Girl yasss)

A New Beginning

Hello 🙂

By the title you can probably tell we’re new. So hello! I’m super excited to start this blog with my best friend and I hope every teenager can relate. We will post at least one post every day.